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Winery of the month: Heinemann Winery

2022 Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay brut / 2022 Weißer Gutedel QbA ‘Alte Rebe’ dry / 2022 Pfaffenweiler Weißburgunder QbA dry / 2022 Grauer Burgunder QbA dry / 2020 Blauer Spätburgunder ‘Alte Rebe’ Reserve dry / 2022 Chardonnay ‘Alte Rebe’ QbA dry / 2021 Pfaffenweiler Oberdürrenberg Grauer Selektion ‘S’ dry

(Photos: Heinemann Winery)

The Heinemann family has been growing wines in the Markgräflerland region since the 16th century. Grandfather Lothar Heinemann began marketing the wines in the region in the 1930s. Ernst Heinemann planted Chardonnay vines for the first time in 1966, which he had mistakenly received instead of Pinot Blanc vines from Chablis. His son Lothar took over the business in 2000, which he now runs with his son Niklas.


The winery is recognised as an outstanding winery by wine guides such as Eichelmann, Der Feinschmecker and Falstaff. Let us introduce you to a small selection. 

2022 Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay brut 

The Cuvee consists of 70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Chardonnay grapes. The sparkling wine is produced using the classic bottle fermentation method and has complex flavours of gooseberry, passion fruit, orange, pineapple and walnut.

0.1 L: € 7.00 / 0.75 L: € 39.50 

2022 White Chasselas QbA ‘Alte Rebe’ dry 

Chasselas is one of the oldest grape varieties in the world and is only grown in Germany in the Markgräfler Land region. Chasselas presents its flavours of orange, green apple, lime and walnut with a tangy acidity. It is suitable as an aperitif, with salmon and white meat 

0.25 L: € 7.00 / 0.75 L: € 21.00 

2022 Pfaffenweiler Pinot Blanc QbA dry 

Pinot Blanc is a descendant of Pinot Gris and grows on calcareous clay soils. The wine has warm flavours of pear and banana with a slight minerality. It goes well with fish, white meat and asparagus. 

0.25 L: € 9.50 / 0.75 L: € 28.50 

2022 Pinot Gris QbA dry 

Pinot Gris, also known as Ruländer, was discovered in Speyer in 1711. The wine has a variety of flavours such as pineapple, peach, melon and banana with an elegant acidity and creamy mouthfeel. It goes well with both white and red meat and with our rösti. 

0.25 L: € 8.50 / 0.75 L: € 26.50 

2020 Pinot Noir ‘Alte Rebe’ Reserve dry 

The Pinot Noir Reserve has an expressive character due to its low yield of 50 litres per acre. It is a very straightforward wine with flavours of cherry, chocolate and cedar wood flavours. We recommend this wine with beef, game and rösti dishes. 

0.25 L: € 9.50 / 0.75 L: € 28.50 

2022 Chardonnay ‘Alte Rebe’ QbA dry 

Chardonnay is of great importance to the Heinemann winery. It grows on clayey loess and loam soil with weathered limestone and has an unmistakable flavour of pear, walnut, lime and a subtle use of wood. 

0,75 L: € 39,50 

2021 Pfaffenweiler Oberdürrenberg Grauer Selektion ‘S’ dry 

This Pinot Gris is matured spontaneously in wooden barrels. It is aged there for 12 months on the fine lees. The yield per acre is 45 litres. The wine has aromas of walnut, sultanas, yeast, melon and minerality. It harmonises with fish and seafood. 

0,75 L: € 39,50 

Asparagus season

Photo: Kab-Vision (Adobe Stock)

Join us in welcoming spring with our latest asparagus dishes:

  • Cream of asparagus soup with cream topping and almond slivers
  • Asparagus salad with vinaigrette sauce and cooked and raw ham from the Black Forest 
  • Portion of Ihringer asparagus with new potatoes and homemade hollandaise
  • Portion of Ihringer asparagus with new potatoes, homemade hollandaise, raw and cooked ham  
  • Portion of Ihringer asparagus with new potatoes, homemade hollandaise and roasted salmon