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Baden slaughter plate

Graphic: Reno Martin (Adobe Stock)

Our seasonal speciality, freshly served:

  • Slaughter plate with blood and liver sausage, boiled meat and bratwurst on sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

Winery of the month: Winery Freiherr von Gleichenstein

2021 Blanc de Blancs / 2021 Weißer Burgunder / 2021 Grauer Burgunder / 2018 Pinot Noir Oberrotweiler Eichberg 

(Photos: Freiherr von Gleichenstein Winery)

In the heart of the Kaiserstuhl, in Oberrottweil, lies the Freiherr von Gleichenstein vineyard.

It is run by the 11th generation of the family. The wines are grown on the sites,

Oberrottweil Henkenberg, Oberrottweil Eichberg and the Ihringer Winkelberg, which is one of the best vineyards in Germany.


We present a selection of the estate wines.

2021 Blanc de Blancs 

The Blanc de Blancs is a fresh, delicate white wine with a scent of tangerines and white blossoms.      

0,25L: € 6,80 / 0,75L: € 20,40

2021 White Burgundy 

A dry Burgundy with a subtle aroma of local fruits and zesty acidity.

0,25L: € 6,80 / 0,75L: € 20.40

2021 Pinot Gris

The Grauer Burgunder is a crisp, fresh wine with clear fruit. It is complex, dry and has a juicy animating acidity.

0,25L: € 7,00 / 0,75L: € 21,00

2018 Pinot Noir Oberrotweiler Eichberg

A Spätburgunder with aromas of blackberry and a transparent bright red. The wine goes well with Vesper and our Röstiger dishes.

0,25L: € 7,50 / 0,75L: € 22,50